A blockbuster national consumer promo

Our solution for Rompetrol’s winter promo campaign


Surpass the success of the summer promo of 2021, while also increasing sales in gastro area and usage of Rompetrol’s loyalty card. All in a very cluttered period of the year – Christmas holidays.


The end of 2021 was perhaps one of the most challenging periods in recent history. With the huge increase in the cost of energy, people’s budgets were affected.
Therefore, our campaign needed to focus on two key aspects: first, bringing joy through cheerful and entertaining communication, and secondly, offering prizes that would ease their daily struggles and improve their lives (hourly vouchers for fuel and 3 cars).


After an extremely successful summer promo, The Sequel was perhaps one of the most natural concepts to follow. It was designed to feel like something consumers would almost ask for, providing us with a generous creative playground.

We made use of symbols and characters from the movie world, most of which were originally related to the oil and gas industry, to our advantage. By incorporating celebrity look-alikes, we maximized memorability and gave the whole campaign a boost of dynamism.

In a nutshell, the Rompetrol Winter Promo was so desirable that even movie characters wanted to participate in order to win our prizes.