Sonica is short for Supersonica. 

We’re different than other communication agencies, because we are built differently. 
For starters, we’re created as a line-up of extraordinary talent, not as a pile of hierarchic idle mega-structures. 
We believe people are citizens and not consumers. 
We appreciate the internet’s impact on culture, and we became humble experts at it.  
We are practitioners who already prove their worth since the marcom’s infancy in this market. And then went successfully on, in several other markets and geographies.  
That’s why we can be really fast and precise. Because we really know our s**t. 
We are a group of concept thinkers and crafty doers. A scene for surprising collabs, designing disruptive communication campaigns. 

 We believe in liquid talent. Thus, you might expect us to form a dream team for you featuring writers, designers, architects, movie directors or artists from here to halfway across the planet.  

So why don’t you give us a call?
Or come visit our crib so we can listen, truly listen, what’s your business ambition.
Over a glass of bubbly, enjoying probably the most generous balcony in Bucharest (not bragging, happens to be true).